First collaborating on the product with Nancy Silverton – former James Beard Foundation Outstanding Chef Award winner and founder of La Brea Bakery – in 2020, Made In is bringing back the Bone Micarta Bread Knife for a limited time in limited quantities. After selling out both its original 2020 drop and the 2022 relaunch, the company is expanding the collaboration to span its complete Knife Set.

Chef Silverton’s famed bread knife, plus Made In’s chef, nakiri and paring knives, are all available with Chef Silverton’s elegant Bone Micarta handle, hand-selected brass rivets (featuring her insignia) and the official Chef Silverton stamp of approval (located right on the blade).

Approaching the end of Made In’s fourth year of collaborating with Chef Silverton, this launch joins the Limited-Edition Bakeware and Baking Slab in the company’s lineup of custom-designed pieces, each designed for Silverton herself.

With 24 serrated teeth and an elegant ivory handle, the Bread Knife is sharp enough to slice through crusty loaves and level delicate cakes without squishing the crumb. It’s also ideal for creating tidy slices of juicy vine-ripened tomatoes.

The knives are all forged in the knife capital of the world—Thiers, France—by a 5th-generation bladesmith. All combine the utilitarianism of German blades with the precision of Japanese knives, and are hardened with nitrogen for peerless strength, precision and durability. All of the knives are full tang and fully forged, meaning they are crafted from a single rod of stainless steel that extends from tip to handle—resulting in sharper, perfectly balanced blades.

“People focus a lot on the blade, but I love that these knives are also designed with a great handle that has a nice heft to it,” says Chef Nancy Silverton. “When you go to slice or chop ingredients, it’s really important that it feels good in your hand. I wanted a white handle with beautiful brass rivets, delivered in a beautiful box with this colorful, eye-catching print.”