Challenger Breadware has announced the debuting Cast Iron Care Kit as a complement to its innovative Challenger Bread Pan. 

The Cast Iron Care Kit will ensure continued, high-level performance of the company’s flagship product. The pan, like all cast iron cooking tools, should receive proper care to ensure continued functionality, as well as to protect it from steam and moisture exposure over time.

With the Challenger Cast Iron Care Kit, bakers can be certain that their US-manufactured Challenger Bread Pan will remain as non-stick as possible while maintaining its beautiful black patina. The kit includes three key tools:

  • Grapeseed Seasoning Oil – This is the preferred product to build a fresh seasoning layer.
  • Bamboo Brush - Stiff bristles to easily sweep away any crumbs, flour or dried food.
  • Chainmail Scrubber – Professional-grade stainless steel that removes any stubborn spots of food debris or superficial rust.

In addition to the Challenger Cast Iron Care Kit ($45) and Challenger Bread Pan, the Challenger Breadware website offers a host of professional-quality bread baking tools including fermentation mat, proofing box, baker’s scale, dough covers, mixing bowls, oven gloves, parchment paper, towels and a serrated bread knife.