Challenger Breadware has added to its lineup of baking tools with the introduction of a proofing box and new starter jars that will allow home bakers at any experience level to bake professional-quality bread.

The Challenger Breadware Proofing Box helps home bread bakers create a consistent environment for folding and fermenting dough. The 10” x 10” interior is the ideal size for stretching and folding bread dough. In addition, bakers can easily add inclusions like seeds, raisins, cheese and more without having to remove the dough.

The Challenger Proofing Box has an air-tight seal in the lid that eliminates the need for single-use plastics and ensures the dough will not dry out. It’s constructed from polypropylene, the same material used by professional bakers. A light coating of oil ensures the dough will not stick during the fermentation process. The Proofing Box is stackable and built to last a lifetime. The multi-use tool can also be used for proofing pizza dough, storing fresh-baked cookies, or any other dough or baked good that thrives in a sealed environment.

New and improved Starter Jars measure 3.4″ x 4.5″ and include a wet erase marker that makes it easy to mark the jar at the start, in the middle, or whenever bakers want in the process. As the starter comes to life, bakers can write directly on the jar, an easier and more accurate method of tracking the growth of their starter that eliminates the need for less reliable methods of measurement such as the use of rubber bands. The new Starter Jars also include a convenient ruler on the thick glass.

The Starter Jars are wide enough for the easy care of and feeding of any culture, and the eco-friendly bamboo lid with silicone ring seals perfectly. Now available in sets of two instead of four, the Starter Jars are made of heat-resistant borosilicate, a non-porous glass that’s lead-and-BPA-free, making it a perfectly safe and durable tool.

“While the bread pan remains our signature product, Challenger Breadware continues to be committed to provide the very best, versatile, and useful tools home bakers can use right in their own kitchen to bake incredible bread and other food,” says Jim Challenger, baker, founder and president of Challenger Breadware. “Our new Proofing Box allows bakers a convenient place to proof all types of dough. And, always listening to fans of our products, we made significant improvements to our Starter Jars, including increasing the size. Our lineup continues to grow, and I’m so excited to bring these two carefully-designed tools to home bakers.”