Challenger Breadware, the company behind the Challenger Bread Pan, has introduced its unique Starter Jars for sourdough bread bakers to clearly and easily track their sourdough starter growth.

For years, bakers have resorted to hacks like putting rubber bands around jars to mark their starter’s volume after a feeding. Now, Challenger Breadware has developed Starter Jars with convenient rulers right on the thick glass so bakers know exactly where a starter’s growth begins and ends.

“Anyone who has attempted sourdough baking knows that starters are temperamental, and our new Starter Jars will greatly assist the process for any baker no matter their experience,” says Jim Challenger, baker, founder and president of Challenger Breadware. “The Starter Jars take all the guess-work and ill-advised measuring out, which results in more confident baking and better results. All bakers will love this handy, convenient new product.”

Challenger Breadware’s Starter Jars are made out of borosilicate, a non-porous, lead and BPA-free glass for durability, and each one comes with a rubber sealed, bamboo lid. They come in two sizes: one for daily Starter Maintenance, and one for making extra starter for a large batch of dough. Each are sold as a set of 4, and available at Challenger Breadware’s website. The large Starter Jars are $39.95 and the small Jars are $34.95.

In addition to the new Starter Jars and the Challenger Bread Pan, the company also offers professional-quality bread baking tools for the home bread baker including a baker’s scale, dough covers, mixing bowls, oven gloves, parchment paper, towels and a serrated bread knife.