General Mills Foodservice has introduced Pillsbury™ Thaw & Serve Brownie Sheets, a convenient, low-labor solution to help operations turn out decadent desserts with fudgy, scratch-like quality. Available in full or half-sheet options, the no-bake brownies can be served as a standalone treat or customized for a variety of other desserts.

Pillsbury Thaw & Serve Brownie Sheets help foodservice operations meet growing consumer demand for indulgent desserts yet require minimal labor. Fifty-three percent of consumers enjoyed dessert the past day and 60 percent of operators reported that desserts help drive profits, which is why they are such an important and treasured part of daily menus.

“The new Pillsbury brownie sheets give operations a way to streamline prep and offer a consistent foundation for several desserts,” says Chef Gilles Stassart, a member of Chefs of the Mills. “The brownies come ready-to-serve and are great plain or topped with ice cream, but they also offer endless opportunities to create elevated desserts by using different toppings, cutting into shapes or packaging as a grab-and-go option.”

He adds that the pre-baked brownies come in uncut sheets which make them a versatile option for restaurants, cafeterias, catering and coffee shops to use in different ways to accommodate their menus. A parchment-lined trap also allows easy removal and serving.

“We know desserts can be a challenge for operations that are understaffed or don’t have pastry chefs so our team is always looking for ways to help them serve scratch-like or semi-scratch desserts with ease,” says Chef Stassart. “The consistently rich chocolate flavor and fudgy texture of these brownies offer a perfect balance of quality and pre-made convenience.”

The Pillsbury Thaw & Serve Brownie Sheets were developed with a proprietary process backed by rigorous testing from the culinary experts at General Mills. They are the latest in a long history of innovation from Pillsbury, the premier baking brand that foodservice professionals rely on to maximize their back-of-house labor and turn out premium, great-tasting baked goods.  Other recent innovations include Freezer-to-Oven Croissants, in classic butter and chocolate-swirled flavors, and the introduction of Pillsbury's newly improved Southern Style Unbaked Biscuits.

In addition, General Mills Foodservice offers individually-wrapped Pillsbury Thaw & Serve Molten Brownies to help foodservice operations offer an individually-portioned dessert.

To help operations make the most of brownies across their menus, General Mills Foodservice has created several resources including recipes, merchandising and display ideas and more on itswebsite.