General Mills Foodservice is putting the Chefs of the Mills to the test against back-of-house obstacles with the launch of its new “Chefs on the Line” video series this summer.

In each episode, General Mills Foodservice’s resident culinary experts will be challenged with high-stakes scenarios that foodservice operators face every day. While developing innovative and quick-turn menu items, the Chefs of the Mills will share their General Mills Foodservice product and menu solutions. 

In the first episode, set to premiere on August 28, General Mills Foodservice corporate chefs Ted Osorio and Jessie Kordosky are tasked with throwing together a brunch service with no staff, using only what’s on hand in kitchen inventory to create five distinct menu items.

“We know that restaurant operators face a number of challenges, such as being understaffed, racing against the clock, and striving to use the same ingredients in fresh ways,” says Chef Jessie Kordosky. “Chef Ted and I have been in their shoes, and ‘Chefs on the Line’ brings us back to the kitchen rush to find creative solutions to back-of-house problems.” 

“What I would tell operators out there is to keep pushing, because the delicious food and the sense of community you bring to your customers brings them joy – and that matters,” says Chef Ted Osorio. “We know some days aren’t easy, and our goal at General Mills Foodservice is to make those moments a little brighter with high-quality products and a strong sense of partnership from our team.” 

The Chefs of the Mills is a team of experienced chefs bringing solutions and advice for foodservice operators’ toughest challenges. Whether working alongside customers to offer training and support or appearing at industry events, the highly specialized chefs are devoted to helping foodservice operators save time and maximize labor in order to turn out great-tasting and high-quality food on a consistent basis.  

Those who want the Chefs of the Mills to tackle one of your toughest challenges can submit a story or challenge that could be featured in an upcoming “Chefs on the Line” episode, article or post.