General Mills Foodservice has introduced Gold Medal Remarkable Flour with Enzymes. The spring wheat, high-gluten flour is milled from a select blend of hard wheat and treated with Alpha Amylase Enzyme to assist with fermentation, making it an ideal flour for a variety of ethnic breads and baked goods, pizza and bagel applications.

Gold Medal Remarkable Flour with Enzymes is the latest offering from General Mills’ expansive lineup of flours to give bakers maximum consistency and baking performance, offering customers another option to produce more uniform baked goods every day.

“We saw an opportunity to better serve our bakery customers who require a different flour to meet their needs—one that includes enzymes to aid fermentation and can be more stable in heat and humidity,” says Jeffrey Santiago, a sales representative with General Mills Foodservice. “We are excited to add this version of Remarkable Flour to our portfolio to give bakers and foodservice operations another option to serve as the foundation for their baked goods.”

Gold Medal Remarkable Flour with Enzymes is available in 50-pound bags and contains a 13.6 percent protein level.