Dr. Oetker has announced a new pledge to source only cage-free eggs and egg ingredients globally by 2025. Since its establishment in 1891 by Dr. August Oetker as a pharmacy in Germany, Dr. Oetker has grown into a multinational food processing company with over $8 billion in annual sales across the baking category as well as frozen pizzas, ready-made desserts, muesli, beverages and other categories.

While Dr. Oetker had already committed to using solely cage-free eggs in its European markets, its new pledge extended this commitment to cover all international operations by 2025. The company operates 45 brands across 40 countries, including Malaysia, South Korea, India and Australia in Asia.

“In accordance with our Dr. Oetker Sustainability Charter, we are committed to using only cage-free eggs and egg ingredients globally by 2025,” the company says in its updated statement. “In Europe, this is already exclusively the case, and currently 98.5% internationally. We have laid this down as a clear requirement in our respective specifications and thus in the corresponding supplier contracts.”

"We congratulate Dr. Oetker on its expanded global cage-free egg policy, which will spare egg-laying hens around the world from intensive cage confinement,” says Kirsty Tuxford, corporate engagement manager at international NGO Lever Foundation, which worked with the company on its new commitment. “This expanded global pledge shows Dr. Oetker’s dedication to prioritizing responsible sourcing practices while enhancing the quality of its products for its customers.”