The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated has announced that it is working to accelerate its bakery operations’ transition to cage-free eggs to the end of 2022, three years ahead of schedule.

As part its broader commitment to sustainable sourcing, in 2020 the company achieved its stated goal of transitioning all eggs used in its US and Canadian restaurant operations to cage-free.

Once the bakery’s conversion is complete, 100 percent of eggs in the company’s baked goods (which account for the majority of its egg usage) worldwide will come from cage-free hens. The Cheesecake Factory is also working with its international licensees to transition all eggs used in their restaurant operations to cage-free and is currently discussing a plan and timeline for reaching that goal by or before 2030.

“The welfare of all animals throughout our supply chain is critically important to us,” says Megan Bloomer, vice president of sustainability of The Cheesecake Factory Incorporated. “The transition to cage-free eggs was a key component of our larger commitment to animal welfare through the adoption of the Five Freedoms and our Sustainable Sourcing Policy.”