Global ingredient supplier Ingredion, Inc. has added new texturizers to its US portfolio of functional, clean label ingredient solutions.

Made from the peels of citrus fruits like lemons and limes, the company’s line of Fibertex CF citrus fibers helps manufacturers replace undesirable and high-cost ingredients while providing unique textures and sensory experiences. The citrus fibers also can extend shelf life and stability in numerous applications, including conventional and gluten-free baked foods and snacks, emulsified dressings, tomato-based condiments, processed meats and plant-based meat alternatives.

“Fibertex CF citrus fibers allow brands to solve complex clean label challenges while meeting changing consumer needs,” said Diana Nieto, regional platform leader for Ingredion’s Clean and Simple Ingredients unit in the United States and Canada. “With natural origins, upcycled sustainability, reliable supply chains and the inherent functionality of a from-the-plant product, Fibertex CF citrus fibers can elevate the eating experience, improve nutritional profiles by reducing fat and heighten label appeal in a wide range of applications.”

Ingredion’s fibers, upcycled from waste streams in the pectin industry, are also able to control moisture and bind fat in various applications. The company plans to explore additional citrus-based texturizers in response to growing demand for clean label foods and increased consumers interest in health and wellness.