ADM expanded its Colors from Nature portfolio to include a line of white color solutions — PearlEdge. PearlEdge not only delivers a stable, uniform white color, but it is derived from natural sources, such as native corn starch, through ADM’s vertically integrated supply chain. 

“Our team has been diligently working to perfect our new line of white color solutions, ensuring its groundbreaking quality and performance,” says Hélène Moeller, vice president of global product marketing for ADM. “This rollout meets the evolving needs of customers and consumers, as brands look for titanium dioxide (TiO2) replacements that not only provide a bright white shade but also meet clean label targets.”

PearlEdge uses patent-pending technology to provide bright white intensity and smooth texture in certain applications. The solutions can be used in bakery icings and fillings, confectionery products and a wide range of other applications.