With National Cheesecake Day approaching on Saturday, July 30, a cult favorite cheesecake in Japan is now taking the US by storm. LeTAO Cheesecake can now be delivered directly to doors in America thanks to Asian e-grocer Weee!

LeTAO hails from Hokkaido, an island in northern Japan known for its cuisine. It’s a local favorite and on many travelers’ bucket lists. This popular cheesecake is one of Weee!’s most popular items. The classic Double Fromage flavor is made with two layers of mascarpone, fresh Hokkaido cream and milk, and Australian cream cheese. Other flavors include:

Weee! is the leading Asian and Hispanic e-grocer in the US, delivering more than 10,000 locally sourced and hard-to-find goods from around the globe – from fresh Pacific black cod from Half Moon Bay to Kyoho grapes and air-flown Hokkaido uni – directly to customers.

Founded in 2015 and headquartered in Fremont, California, Weee! is on a mission to enable access to groceries for every home in North America while setting a new standard for freshness and value. By leveraging social e-commerce and proprietary forecasting technology, the company continues to redefine online grocery shopping.