Trends come and go but these shimmering shades have been catching attention for years. Because metallic accents so often required extra labor and materials, Satin Ice helps simplify the process by providing a fondant pre-mixed with glitter and keeping food safety top of mind.

The Shimmer Collection will give you a beautiful base that can easily be enhanced with just a little bit of luster dust, paint or leaf.


The fondant must be kneaded until the gums become more elastic and the product is smooth and pliable. 


The paneling technique is suggested as it will avoid the challenges of draping. Working quickly and sheeting or rolling the fondant to 1/16" and 1/8" is best. The fondant should be handled delicately and not over stretched. 

The FDA has set approved usage levels for these specialty pigments in finished confectionary goods. To help our conscientious bakers ensure their confectionaries are compliant, we have made it quick and easy to do that by following our recommended usage instructions below:     

Covering cakes: Crumb coat cake with buttercream. Knead fondant until pliable. Roll 1/16-1/8” thin on a non-stick surface. Use a very light dusting of cornstarch or shortening if needed to prevent sticking. While using the Paneling technique is suggested, you may also drape the fondant to cover, being cautious to work lightly in order to avoid tearing along the edges.  


If fondant is sticking to hands, a tiny amount of shortening or vegetable oil can be rubbed on hands. Corn starch should be used sparingly, only very little will be needed on work surfaces.

Quicker Cleanup

Pearlescent pigment used in the fondant may leave residual sparkles on your hands or tools. Most of this can be washed away with regular dish or hand soap. If soap is unsuccessful, apply a small amount of food-safe cooking oil to a clean rag and wipe off.