Batikrolls by Nura is an online bakery in Singapore that delivers buttercream cakes in a special format. Each cake is an 8-inch-long roll that can be filled with one of three flavors – Nutella, vanilla, or blueberry buttercream.

Cakes cost $20 each, all designed with a Batik pattern. Batik is a traditional Indonesian technique of hand-dyeing fabrics (usually in a bold, colorful print) using patterns laid down in wax.

First, the design is drawn by free-hand or with a stencil. Then, after the Batik design is colored in, it is baked for a few minutes. A cake batter layer is added over, and then the cake is put in for a second bake.

Batikrolls tells Mashable that it is not as easy as it may sound. “The tricky part is (combining) the (prints) together with the cake and baking it together. After that, we flip the cake upside down and peel away the tracing paper to reveal the (print),” says Batikrolls founder Nura.

Click to view a slideshow of these gorgeous cake rolls.