Hanisch Bakery in Red Wing, Minnesota is a community bakery. When the community needed to band together during the COVID-19 outbreak, the bakery looked to give back to some of its members.

Bill Hanisch wanted to do something nice for the class of 2020 as they leave high school on an unusual note. He announced that the bakery is making a cake for each graduating senior at Red Wing High School.

“A lot of them are not going to get graduation parties. They aren’t going to get celebrations like most of us did, so I just figured a simple small gesture of seven-inch cake was the way to do it,” Hanisch says.

The word quickly spread about Hanisch Bakery’s good deed, and other communities requested cakes. Now, the bakery has been contacted by at least ten schools to use these cakes as a way to celebrate the class of 2020.

To help the bakery in its mission to celebrate graduating seniors, individuals can donate to make sure each senior in the area gets a cake.