To help community members in need, Crema Bakery & Café is giving back with free food. Despite experiencing a steep drop in sales related to the coronavirus pandemic, the Austin, Texas bakery is fighting hunger with lunches for those in need.

“We thought there will be a lot of kids and a lot of families who don’t have access to food this week so let’s put some free lunches out on social media,” owner Jessica Tomberlin tells Spectrum News Austin. “So whoever wants a free lunch can have one.”

The program has already given out over one thousand lunches. In each bag is a sandwich, a juice box, fruit, chips and a sweet treat.

“It’s a tangible way that we can reach out to the community and show them that people care for them in a time when they feel nobody does,” Tomberlin says. “I just feel like if we’re there for people in the good times, it’s our responsibility to be there for them in the bad times too.”

Crema Bakery & Café will continue giving away lunches during this time, but is asking for donations from the community and elsewhere to help pay for the meals. Interested individuals can donate through Venmo at @cremabakerycafe.