If you’re looking to go the extra mile with your fondant work, there are a couple of methods that can help add a glossy finish to your fondant-covered tiered cake or fondant figures. These two methods not only provide an exceptionally professional accent to your product, but are also simple applications.

The steaming method calls for the use of a hand held steamer. This does not have to be an industrial tool either. Many decorators say that a cheap clothes steamer will work. Lightly steam the fondant subject. This will immediately result in a glossy finish.

In addition to the steaming method, lightly spraying the fondant with vodka will leave a smooth and shiny gloss. The vodka will quickly evaporate, so it will not compromise the structural integrity of the fondant. It’s important to not overspray the object. A light coating should be enough to leave a shiny finish.

Lastly, the glossiness of the object will lightly fade over time, so these finishing accents are perfect for applying immediately before presentation.