Cocoa bombs are a new creation sweeping the country. In Wichita, Kansas, baker Elly Widener launched Sharing Sugar Bake Shop in January, specializing in custom sugar cookies and cakes. Now she sells hot cocoa bombs by the order. She will resume baking custom bakery item in January 2021. Her cocoa bombs sell for $4.50 apiece and $45 for 12.

Following in the footsteps of dalgona coffee, pancake cereal, and other dishes that have gone viral this year, the hot cocoa bomb first exploded in popularity on TikTok. More than 28.5 million videos on the app have been tagged with #hotchocolatebombs, and more than 13.2 million have been tagged with #hotcocoabombs.

Perfect for winter weather, the hot cocoa bomb is basically a hollow chocolate ball filled with marshmallows and hot cocoa mix. The neat treat turns any mug of hot milk into a steaming mug of hot chocolate, complete with marshmallows, in a matter of seconds.

Widener said people order them as gifts for virtual birthday parties, to put in care packages for elderly shut-ins and just to keep around to treat the kids on cold days. The cocoa bombs are stable at room temperature for at least eight weeks.

“Salted caramel bombs have dropped,” she announced in a recent Facebook post. “As well as salted caramel hot cocoa bombs. What is the difference, you ask? One has hot chocolate mix in with the salted caramel mix, and the other does not. Order according to your tastes. As with all my cocoa bombs, they will come with marshmallows, unless you request that I omit them.”