Augmented reality is quickly becoming one of the hottest trends in the marketing and advertising industries, recognized as an innovative and creative way of connecting with customers and increasing engagement. The technology has significantly grown in popularity over the past few years, according to the Forbes Agency Council.

Three-Dimensional Thinking: AR opens up a wide new range of possibilities in the third dimension. Where viewers could once only see ads directly ahead of them, they now are able to see display ads in their peripheral vision. AR also allows for more detailed ads.

Primary Storytelling Medium: AR delivers a more immersive platform to tell a story directing people to deeper content, game-like features, and bringing the consumers into the experience. By connecting to customers with the brand story and owned properties, companies can start to show value through engagement and brand affinity.

Virtual Tours: With augmented reality, marketers will be able to create unique experiences for buyers in brick and mortar shops by bringing in a digital virtual element. Creating virtual tours in the store can add an element of fun while allowing buyers to learn more about products or services. 

Extending Live Experiences: Partnering with Snapchat as part of a larger campaign is a great use of AR. The great thing about AR is how it augments real life without taking away from what people are experiencing. It has the potential to extend live experiences in a way that feels enriching and authentic.

Creative Social Media Tool: Adding creative filters, animations, and interactions to everyday objects or products, while correlating to your brand values, can improve brand experiences.