The coronavirus has switched up 2020 wedding plans, so many are looking ahead to 2021 for their celebration. Next year will see new trends brought to the forefront as couples and guests are eager to celebrate together.

Both The Knot and WeddingWire have released their forecasted wedding trends for 2021, with a big focus being on little eats. According to The Knot, mini hors d'oeuvres and single tier/mini cakes will be popular in the coming year.

The leading wedding resource finds that smaller plates and individualized portions are on the upswing at receptions. Among the examples given include single-serve grazing boards, mason jars supplemented by dips and dressings, and individualized bite-size portions of fried chicken, shrimp and grits and oysters

The classic wedding cake is getting updated with smaller portions as well. The Knot forecasts cakes will grow smaller in size, but more dynamic in detail.

“Long gone are the days where only large cakes make an impact,” says Dallas-based planner Ashley Mason of Saunter Weddings. “A well-designed smaller cake can have a major wow factor. Whether it's an intricate pattern inspired by the detail on your gown or vibrant flowers that play with your color palette. We've seen a trio of single tier cakes on display as another blossoming trend. You can take elements from the wedding design to mix and match the styles of the tiers for a cohesive look.”

“I recently suggested mini cakes to my clients and they fell head over heels with the idea,” Norwood adds. “To up the ante on the cake display, we custom designed half marble, half wooden coasters for guests. Each coaster was engraved with the couple's initials, and when guests were served their mini cakes, they also received their surprise wedding favors. It was such a fun way for guests to ‘eat’ their way to the wedding favor.”

Meanwhile, WeddingWire says that some are looking to the past to add nostalgic details to food offerings. Many couples will look back to their own ‘90s childhood with throwback food and beverage options, including adult Capri-Suns, Pop Tarts, Dunkaroos and more.

The leader in the global wedding industry also predicts that restaurant-style vibes will be important in 2021. With the rise of plated dinners and live entertainment, weddings may start to feel like dining at a fine restaurant. Reception tables will come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and seating assignments will be based on family or living situations, rather than disparate groups of people placed together.