Unifiller Systems Inc., a global leader in portioning equipment, has worked exclusively with Apex Motion Control to showcase the Baker-Bot on its cake and cookie decorating systems. One of the newest innovations in bakery automation, the Baker-Bot is a versatile robotic bakery assistant that can be easily integrated into any new or existing cake line.

By integrating Unifiller’s Compact Depositor with its collaborative robot, the Baker-Bot, Apex Motion Control has created a continuous pumping and automated decorating system that not only decorates but is also capable of stacking trays in a very small footprint.

With its camera sensors, the Baker-Bot can easily detect cookies for precise product application, thus ensuring consistent and exact decorations every time.

Further, the Baker-Bot is capable of autonomous tray management. And since the Baker-Bot is a collaborative robot with built-in safety features, it safely works alongside your production team without the need for guarding.

“Growth and demand for equipment that helps automate labor intensive and repetitive tasks has been on the rise for years,” says Martin Riis, director of sales and marketing at Apex. “Now, with our new industry challenges, bakery and food manufacturers alike are often running shifts with limited labor and resources to get their products into the hands of consumers. The need to automate processes such as cake decorating in safe, efficient and hygienic ways has become even greater. The Baker-Bot addresses all of these points while simultaneously adding versatility and the ability to work without supervision.”

“Unifiller is very happy to partner with Apex Motion Control on this solution,” says Sonia Bal, director of marketing at Unifiller Systems. “Robotics are a very timely topic right now, in light of COVID-19. Automated solutions can help address challenges around social distancing or finding labor. Typically, robotics can be complex, but this robot’s design makes it easy to integrate and use. The solution is very innovative and specific to an ideal customer where throughput capabilities need to be properly assessed. It’s a unique solution for a unique customer.”