Apex Motion Control is excited to be exhibiting at the upcoming IBIE 2022 from Sept. 18-21. Apex Motion Control will be showcasing their wide range of bakery automation equipment, including the Deco-Bot, a robotic decorating system, the Tray Feeder, an automated tray feeding system, and the World Famous Baker-Bot, an all-in-one, super versatile Cobot. Apex will be providing live demos of their equipment as well, so you can see how their equipment can best support your operations.

IBIE 2022 will also serve as the Official Launch for Apex Motion Control’s Latest Cobot. Be sure to stop by booth 612 as you do not want to miss your chance to see this cobot’s grand debut!

Here’s a short summary of their automation solutions:

The Baker-Bot is a collaborative robot that’s designed to be your all-in-one robotic bakery assistant which can reduce repetitive strain injury and address labor shortages. Thanks to its built-in safety scanners, it can safely work alongside people without the need for safety guarding. Its applications include decorating, spraying, depositing, tray handling, primary & secondary packaging, and palletizing. “With the Baker-Bot cobot, it can quickly become part of your production team by safely working alongside any human workers within a very small footprint,” said Rob Antonides, President of Apex Motion Control. “The touch screen tab is as easy to use as your smartphone and can be repurposed for a multitude of tasks, all within the same system.”

The Deco-Bot is an all-in-one robotic decorating station capable of accurately decorating cakes and cupcakes with that homemade look. It can write, draw, drizzle and decorate round or sheet cakes with roses, or finish cupcakes with swirls, rosettes, and roses. It features two color decorating heads/nozzles, and it also features quick tooling and nozzle changeover. With its built-in configuration flexibility, the same unit can do many designs. Not only that, but it can decorate other products too, such as pies or cookies. If you’re looking for a new way to automate production at your bakery, no matter the product, the possibilities are endless with the Deco-Bot.

Tray Feeder
The Tray Feeder is an automated tray feeding system that eliminates the daily repetitive stress and strain of manually feeding bakery trays onto conveyors. By utilizing the automatic Tray Feeder, it can hold up to 80 trays at once and feed up to 20 trays per minute onto a conveyor line. The Tray Feeder is also capable of automatically placing parchment paper onto individual trays at up to 15 trays per minute — eliminating even more strain on labor with this efficient process.