Unifiller Systems Inc., a global leader in portioning equipment, has introduced the Electro-Mate: an automated cake shell border decorating system intended to help bakeries with growing production volumes boost productivity.

The Electro-Mate is compatible with the Deco-Mate, making it the perfect addition for Unifiller customers who wish to expand the Deco-Mate’s applications or for an intuitive interface to simplify operator use. Its onboard computer enables operators to fine-tune settings and save recipes, allowing for faster machine setup, consistent results and minimal training.

“Deco-Mate with Electro-Mate automates the shell bordering of round and sheet cakes for easier application, without injury or strain to the worker,” says Sonia Bal, director of marketing at Unifiller Systems. “Automated equipment, especially machines designed specifically with ergonomics in mind, are an excellent solution for protecting businesses from labor shortages that result from employees working in discomfort and sustaining injuries, if not burnout. The Decomate with Electromate automates the process of applying borders to cakes by eliminating the need to repeatedly squeeze a pastry bag.”

With the Electro-Mate, bakeries can significantly save time, reduce waste, and minimize the risk of employee injuries while boosting cake decorating productivity.