Unifiller Systems is launching a new cake decorating system at this year’s IBA show September 15-20 in Berlin, Germany.
The CakeStation is an all-in-one system tailored for bakery industry members facing labor shortages, according to Unifiller. The system will allow bakers to deposit batters, assemble cakes, mid-fill, ice sides and the tops of cakes, and decorate with rosettes or borders.
“The CakeStation’s PLC touch screen control system with recipe storage will drastically reduce change over time compared to other similar machines in the market,” says Jason Du Toit, product manager at Unifiller Systems. “It’s a well-known fact that icing texture can change from batch to batch, but the CakeStation can repeatedly and consistently deposit icing regardless of product type, batch, or deposit speed. Bakers can quickly finish cakes with a pre-determined amount of icing, limiting operator error, ensuring consistent results every time.”
The CakeStation also features a swing-away servo-controlled turn table and an automatic 0 to 4 in. lifting mechanism for greater icing accuracy. Capable of icing up to seven cakes or 120 deposits per minute, the system’s portion accuracy helps to reduce product waste.
The CakeStation includes a patented SV product valve, a 14-gallon conical hopper, and adjustable pins for finishing round cakes from 6 to 12 inches.  Its batter depositing capabilities include six programmable modes for depositing, spreading, multi-shot, multi-spread, or continuous spreading.