On Oct. 19 in Paris, the young singer Juliette Katz walked down the walkway in a splendid dress made of chocolate by Cacao Barry. The occasion for this unusual appearance was the opening fashion show for the 17th Salon du Chocolat, held under the patronage of Chantal Thomass.

Artist Willy G. designed a one-of-a-kind bustier dress for Cacao Barry, the Premium chocolate brand from Barry Callebaut, and it did full justice to the Aztec origins of chocolate.

Maîtres chocolatiers Philippe Bertrand, Meilleur Ouvrier de France Chocolatier (1996) and director of the Chocolate Academy Cacao Barry in Meulan (France), and Ramon Morato, Meilleur Maître Chocolatier Spain (1997) and director of the Chocolate Academy in Vic (Spain), required a total of 30 hours to create the unique dress.