Bakeries across the country are beginning to re-open under strict safety guidelines during the coronavirus pandemic. Even though business is starting to ramp up, retail operations are encouraged to remember the smart policies put in place to help them succeed in recent weeks and months.

To help businesses stay safe, Dawn Foods has introduced a downloadable social distancing infographic on its website with steps bakers should take when re-opening, including employee safety, product development and customer communications.

Among the recommendations Dawn provides:

Prioritize Safety for Your Employees – PPE for your employees is a must. Be clear about what you expect them to provide for themselves versus what you will make available to them as part of their uniform or equipment. Also give them as much room between each other as possible to ensure social distancing, both in the back of the house and up front. Consider painting or taping off areas so that everyone has easy reminders to keep their distance.

Build in Healthy Moments Throughout the Day – Consider building several hand washing breaks into your team’s schedule throughout the day so they know they are not only permitted, but also encouraged to prioritize hygiene. Also ensure that your hand washing stations are fully stocked with extra hand soap, towels and other supplies you’ll need to keep teams healthy and within guidelines.

Communicate with Customers – Share health and wellness updates often with your customers. Clearly state your employee policies so they know your bakery has a thoughtful approach to keeping them safe. Communicate about what you expect of customers, such as wearing masks, waiting at the door to be admitted and paying by credit only to avoid handling cash.

Adapt your Assortment – Focus on smaller portions, traditional favorites and individual packaging. Sell the flavors and forms your customers will buy the most of so that you can get the most out of each exchange.

Focus on Frozen – Continue to leverage frozen products for optimal efficiency. You can thaw what you need each day to meet sales goals, or continue to sell frozen baked goods your customers can thaw and bake at home.