Unifiller Systems, a leader in portioning equipment and a subsidiary of the Linxis Group of Companies, has announced the launch of its iFill Depositor, intended for bakery and food producers looking to deposit large volumes, up to 31 ounces, in a single deposit, using a simple and compact depositor.

Designed specifically for the needs of central kitchens, retail and instore bakeries, the iFill depositor is already used by one of the largest grocery chains in the U.S. Featuring an ergonomic 1” hand held nozzle with 5 foot food grade flexible product hose and a choice of 2 product cylinders, the iFill depositor pumps and portions product directly from any bowl or container.

“There are growing factors impacting the way food producers work,” says Sonia Bal, director of marketing at Unifiller Systems. “Over the years, changes in minimum wage, fewer people entering the trades and boomers transitioning to retirement, have all led to the need for more automation. More recently, COVID-19 has demonstrated that businesses are heavily impacted when staff are difficult to retain due to health and safety concerns. The current pandemic has been eye-opening. Automating what was previously done by hand – for example, using the iFill for batter depositing – can simplify a business’ daily operations.”

The iFill includes optional attachments such as a pail shelf to keep product containers off the floor to avoid contaminants and an optional pie wand for easy pie filling, even on the rack. Although Unifiller expects this new equipment to be used mostly for cake batters and pie fillings, the application possibilities are endless.

Capable of up to 100 cycles a minute, the iFill depositor is ideal for flowable products without particulates. Customers who have purchased the equipment have been able to speed up production, increase yield, optimize their labor and better manage their product waste.