Unifiller Systems, a global leader in portioning equipment, has announced the launch of the +Series Depositors, digitally controlled pneumatic depositors.

The +Series Depositors are digitally controlled pneumatic depositors that possesses advanced features such as pre-charge, splash reduction, and deposit pressure profiling. Compared to the original depositors, the +Series can handle more complex applications such as ones that require smaller deposits.

“The +Series Depositors, officially launching at this year’s IBIE 2022 event, blend the power of pneumatic machines with digital precision,” says Sonia Bal, director of global marketing, Unifiller Systems. “Using a smart device connected via bluetooth, customers can control speed, volume, splash reduction, pre-charge, and deposit pressure profiling for the most accurate deposits.”

The +Series Depositors are built for ease of use and cleaning. No special training is required to operate the machines, and detailed explanations and video instructions are provided for advanced functions. All electrical components are enclosed in a wash-down case that will withstand tough, industrial wash-down conditions and fills IP69 safety protocols.

The +Series Depositors are designed to connect to Unifiller’s cloud-based Total Care App which provides real time data analytics. Any machine settings and recipe adjustments can be digitally controlled through Total Care App.