Unifiller Systems has launched its Servo Layer Cake System, designed for industrial bakeries looking to automate the filling of layer cakes.  

The new system can ice a layer of buttercream onto round or square cakes with a high degree of consistency and speed. The Servo Layer Cake System speeds up production, increases yield, optimizes labor, and better manages product waste, according to the company. 

“The Servo Layer Cake System is a great solution for businesses struggling with low staff numbers, physical distancing, or meeting demand,” says Steven Belyea, applications manager of Unifiller. “A human worker can typically mid-fill 30 cakes in 10 minutes while a Cake-O-Matic takes five minutes. The Servo Layer Cake System is the best option for high throughput at 30 cakes per minute.” 

The Servo Layer Cake System integrates with the Cake Stacking module as part of the Automated Cake Icing System (ACIS). Pair it with both to streamline cake decorating while reducing strain or injury for employees.