This week, the Retail Bakers of America (RBA) announced that Patti Stobaugh, owner of PattiCakes Bakery in Conway, Ark., is the new RBA Board President. For the next two years, Stobaugh will lead the RBA in helping retail bakers find success and growth.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, the RBA was unable to host its annual face-to-face board meeting, so Stobaugh’s two-year term started via a Zoom video call on Wednesday, April 15. With Stobaugh at the helm, the RBA will continue to pursue its mission to be a reliable and relevant resource, providing education, events and valuable networking opportunities online and in person.

“What an exciting and unprecedented time to be elected as the Retail Bakers of America Board President!” says Patti Stobaugh. “While we are facing the uncharted and unknown with COVID-19, our industry is set to offer sustenance and comfort to our nation. As has been the case throughout history, food is a uniting factor for family, friends and coworkers. Many of our retail bakeries offer savory as well as sweet options. Let us band together as an industry and feed our great country!”

PattiCakes Bakery opened in 2006 with a mission to make great food that was reminiscent of a visit to Grandma’s house. Since then, thousands have walked through the door and enjoyed something home-made.

“In the last 30 days, my business and personal goals have had to adapt due to COVID-19. While we, as an industry, will need to remain fluid, we also need to pull together for encouragement and the exchange of ideas,” Stobaugh says. “In years past, RBA has had strong regional groups of members. I would like to see that revived, with an emphasis on monthly Zoom meetings and quarterly or semi-annual in-person meetings.”