In an effort to help out customers who have been on the search for affordable bread in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, Castle Rock, Washington’s Castle Rock Bakery offered a special price for its white bread on Tuesday: whatever you want.

The Tuesday sale allowed Castle Rock Bakery’s customers to pay whatever they could (even if it was nothing) for the 278 loaves of white bread staff baked over 10 hours on Monday. It was a way for the bakery to help its community, especially when grocery staples such as bread have been in short supply.

“(Owner Shelley Martin) knows that bread is really scarce right now at a lot of the bigger stores and our store’s randomly been getting it in,” manager Kayla Blackburn told Longview, Washington’s The Daily News. “She just wanted to make sure the town got what they needed, and if they couldn’t get it, they could just pick it up and not have to worry about it.”

According to the bakery, 50 percent of the profits from the bread sale went to Castle Rock Lions Food Bank. Additionally, any leftover bread loaves were donated to the food bank as well. Customers were limited to three loaves per person, with many picking up bread for at-risk and elderly loved ones.