As more and more consumers desire personalized products, Puratos is taking steps to let them make bakery products their own way. In fact, according to the company’s new slogan, “Bread is getting personal.” 

In 2016, Puratos developed a concept in which consumers can create their own bread recipe and order it at an in-store bakery or from anywhere using the app. Called MyBread, this idea was played out at Taste Tomorrow 2019, the Puratos event held May 1-2 in Chicago. 

Attendees were given three sets of options on the app. The first choice was for a liquid: tomato juice, apple juice, milk, or water. Next, they picked out a filling, which could be ham, apricot, parmesan, or none. Lastly, attendees decided on a finishing touch of oregano, pepper, crispy onion, walnut, or none.

Although the real concept is carried out faster and in real-time, as shown in the video Puratos released in October, Taste Tomorrow attendees could create their bread at any time on the first day of the conference and pick it up the next morning. The final product is a round loaf that’s placed in a large baking cup, paper bag, and a cloth MyBread bag.

Puratos will be bringing MyBread to IBIE 2019, scheduled for September 7-11 in Las Vegas, where companies can learn more about this customized approach to bread.