On Monday, November 4, Hershey debuted its first Hershey’s Kitchens in Canada in Toronto’s Scotiabank Plaza PATH. The interactive cookie bake shop, which will be open through December 24, allows consumers to quickly create their own custom cookies, individualized by ingredients.

The pop-up experience is designed to embody Hershey’s overarching “Life is Sweet” brand campaign, motivating consumers to keep life sweet with Hershey’s treats. Consumers who stop by will be invited to bake and build their own personalized Hershey cookies in three easy steps:

  1. Choose the dough
  2. Select three delicious mix-ins
  3. Enjoy a custom cookie ready in 2 minutes

The shop will also offer a variety of takeaway menu options, such as pre-made stuffed cookies, cookie cupcakes, hot chocolate, and other seasonal specials. The menu was designed in partnership with Toronto’s Sweet Flour Bake Shop.

“We are thrilled to be sharing our love for sweets with Hershey this holiday season,” says Kim Gans, CEO of Sweet Flour Bake Shop. “The Hershey’s Kitchens is an excellent way for Hershey’s to interact with the busy bypassers that walk the PATH on their commute to and from work. Together with Hershey, our mission is to help them take a moment to stop by and enjoy the everyday moments that make life sweet.”