Three Brothers Bakery has been an institution in the city of Houston, Texas for 70 years. In a throwback to the past and to honor National Bakery Day on Friday, September 27, the bakery will offer a special cookie deal.

That day, customers can get cookies for 70 cents each, at any of the bakery’s three stores in Houston. The in-store only deal applies to regular cookies that end in the word “cookie” – so dip decs, regular size gingerbread men, hamentaschen, and lady fingers are not included.

“70 cent cookies was so well received on our 70th anniversary, last May, that we thought it would be a perfect way to thank our customers for helping us get to this day,” said Three Brothers Bakery co-owner Bobby Jucker.

“This year National Bakery Day is just two days before the Jewish holiday of Rosh Hashanah so 70 cent cookies will be quite a bonus for those wanting to add to their traditional holiday fare of round challahs, honey cakes, other holiday favorites with a few extra cookies,” adds Jucker

This year, the Houston bakery celebrated perseverance. After experiencing three floods in less than three years from 2015 to 2017, the road to recovery has been long. However, with hard work and the lessons learned from previous experiences, Three Brothers Bakery continues to survive.