The Major League Baseball World Series kicked off on Tuesday, with the Boston Red Sox taking a 1-0 series lead on the Los Angeles Dodgers. Fans of the teams in both cities are hugely invested in the series, and that extends to their businesses.

Bakeries in the Boston and L.A. areas are putting unique spins on baked goods this month in celebration of their teams’ appearances in the “Fall Classic.” In Ventura, California, Sugar Lab Bake Shop is offering Dodgers cookies and cupcake toppers.

“There was a big momentum at the end of last season when we went to the World Series and so when we made it to the playoffs again this year, I was like alright we are going to do cookies again,” says Sugar Lab Bake Shop owner Alison Davis.

Across the country in Boston, Top Shelf Cookies creates cookies that are based on the different sports teams in the city, such as the Green Dynastea, made with green tea and ginger for the Celtics. The Green Monster Mint, based on the nickname for the left field wall at the Red Sox’s Fenway Park, features dark chocolate with green mint chips.

As the World Series progresses over the next week, many customers in both cities and their surrounding areas will enjoy these special treats as they cheer on their hometown teams.