Game One of the 2019 Major League Baseball World Series takes place tonight, with the Houston Astros facing the Washington Nationals in a seven-game series. Astros and Nationals fans are eagerly awaiting the matchup, as are each city’s local bakeries.

The Nationals have made it to the World Series for the first time and the team’s ardent supporters are extremely excited. In Washington, D.C., Astro Doughnuts (not to be confused as a Houston Astros advocate) has some special treats available for customers.

The bakery has introduced Baby Shark doughnuts in support of the team. The popular Baby Shark children’s song has become an unlikely anthem for the team this season, and Astro Doughnuts is honoring that with the special treats. The raspberry and white chocolate doughnuts are topped with baby sharks for a playful finish.

Across the country in Houston, Texas, the Astros fans at Memorial Bakery are offering team-themed baked goods for the occasion. The bakery has Astros cookies and cupcakes that are ideal for World Series watch parties.

El Bolillo Bakery had its own unique way of cheering on the Astros during their previous series against the New York Yankees. The bakery had some fun at New York City’s expense by holding a “batting practice” using unsold Yankees cookies.

As the World Series gets underway, these themed treats will bring in customers to each bakery and help them celebrate the event in a tasty way. Bakeries can use these events as a marketing tool to boost sales.