During the month of October, Dunkin’ is offering two Halloween-themed donuts to add spooky flavor to its seasonal lineup.

The company recently announced the addition of its new Halloween Oreo Donut. The yeast donut is filled with vanilla buttercream, topped with chocolate icing and Oreo cookie crumbles, and drizzled with a Halloween-themed dark orange icing.

Dunkin’ and Oreo revealed the collaboration in a unique way on social media. On Tuesday, October 2, the two brands traded posts on Twitter that teased several product mashup ideas (mostly facetious) before settling on a donut with Oreo cookie crumbles on top.

The Halloween theme will also be a part of a returning donut, the Spider Donut. The creepy treat features an orange-frosted donut with a “spider” in the middle made from a glazed chocolate Munchkins donut hole with chocolate drizzle for the spider legs and orange drizzle for the eyes.

Dunkin’ will be giving a festive makeover to many of its donuts this month by re-naming them with a Halloween theme and re-decorating them with purple and orange icing drizzles and sprinkles.