FattyCakesNY, which began in a kitchen in Brooklyn in 2009 and now gets shipped nationwide out of Florida, makes some of the strangest, tastiest cookies that can be found. This commitment to innovation has earned the bakery plenty of coverage, as it has appeared on the Food Network and a variety of media outlets.

The specialty of FattyCakesNY is its FattyCakes. These build-your-own cookie cakes are layered with unique flavors. Customers pick their cookie flavor, then pick from several frosting options. Finally, they can add toppings to their cookie cake such as glazed donut, candy bars, cereal, blueberry jam, and potato chips, among many others.

For those looking for a fall option, the latest product from FattyCakesNY was recently introduced. The Smashing Pumpkin FattyCake features a ginger molasses cookie cake layered with raspberry salted pumpkin buttercream, cookie butter caramel, and graham cracker crunch. It’s available from now until Thanksgiving through the bakery’s website at a price of $35.

These cookie cakes feed 10 people and make ideal gifts for friends, family, and acquaintances. There’s even a Cookie Cake of the Month Club where recipients can get one FattyCakesNY Cookie Cake by the first Friday of every month. Customers can choose from three months, six months, or a year's worth of cookie cakes shipped anywhere in the country.