Luxury cake boutique Lady M has announced a new fall signature cake, available throughout the month of November at all of its U.S. locations.

The Marron Mille Crêpes is a layered crepes cake featuring a chestnut pastry cream, finished with powdered sugar and candied chestnuts, and topped with whole candied chestnuts.

A 9-inch cake costs $95, while a 6-inch version costs $58. They are currently available for pre-order to be picked up next month.

Lady M is set to bring a holiday pop-up tour to several cities starting next month. On November 8-10, slices of the Marron Mille Crêpes, Green Tea Mille Crêpes, and Signature Mille Crêpes will be available in Dallas, Texas. Other stops on the holiday tour include Atlanta, Seattle, Houston, San Francisco, and Los Altos.