1. Mix batches of pale green, pink and yellow icings, as well as a darker shade of green, using gel colors.

2. Ice each cake using a different icing color, and use a multi-sided cake comb to produce patterns on the sides of each cake.

3. Use coordinating icing colors in #8 round tips to pipe beaded bottom borders on each cake.

4. Pipe a mound of chocolate icing on the top of each cake using a #807 large round tip, and then coat using chocolate sprinkles, to give the appearance of “dirt.”

5. Pipe a smaller mound of white icing on the top of each chocolate mound using a #807 tip.

6. Attach Dec-Ons® set to each white mound to give the appearance of a rabbit scurrying down a rabbit hole.

7. Finish by piping “grassy” borders around each “dirt” mound, using darker green icing in a #22 star tip.

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Decorating tip courtesy of Lucks