Brill 8” Cake Layer (flavor of choice)
Brill Blue Decorating Icing
Brill Pink Decorating Icing
Brill Brilliant Green Decorating Icing
Brill Vivid Orange Decorating Icing
Brill Vanilla Buttercreme Icing
Decopac Egg-quins


Base ice an 8” round cake using an EZ Ice tip and Blue Decorating Icing.

Use a bowl scraper to smooth the sides and top of the cake.

A #10 tip and Pink Decorating are used to pipe the bunny’s body.

A #10 tip and Vivid Orange Decorating Icing are used to pipe a carrot.

A #10 tip and Vanilla Butter Cream are used to pipe the tail

A large Grass tip and Brilliant Green Decorating are used to pipe the grass

A # 10 tip is used to pipe both the top and bottom bead borders.

Finish the cake with a light sprinkling of Easter-Quins.

Decorating tip courtesy of CSM Bakery Solutions