1. For easy icing, crumb-ice this cake upside down and chill it.  

2. Apply a coat of icing colored with DecoPac Buckeye Brown Premium Gel Color and flip your cake.

3. Make a dome of cake and ice with buttercream colored with DecoPac Sunset Orange Premium Gel and pipe black lines or paint black lines using Lucks Black Liquid Airbrush Color.
4. Use your coupler to finish icing the top of the hoop with white buttercream.

5. Color some yellow using Lucks Yellow Liquid Airbrush Color.  

6. Then use a #789 Cake Icer or just a coupler to pipe the bright yellow rim of your hoop.  

7. Use a #4 plain round tube to pipe the loops on the rim. 

8. Use the same #4 to pipe the net of your hoop in white.

9. Use a blue buttercream made with DecoPac Royal Blue Premium Gel and pipe your inscription with a #4 plain round tube.

10. Pipe the “hardwood” on top of your cupcakes using the light brown icing and a #8 plain round tube.  

11. Finish with Basketball Dec-Ons® decorations and black “bouncing” lines.

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Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks