1. A day ahead, mix white or chocolate fondant with Lucks Coal Black Liqua-Gel Color. Roll out and cut a square for the mortarboard approximately 4” in diameter. Let dry.

2. For professional results, trim the white ends from the Graduation Hats Designer Prints™ decorations with a ribbon insertion tool or an X-Acto type knife; return the Designer Prints™ sheets to the resealable bag until ready for use.

3. Mix orange and gold icings using Lucks Airbrush Colors in Orange and Egg Shade each in a white icing base. Mix black icing with Coal Black Liqua-Gel.

4. Create the basketball by baking in a ball pan (commercially available) or by hand carving from 5” or 6” rounds. Take care to stabilize the cake internally with a cake board and straws or skewers, if necessary. Ice in orange icing and apply black lines with either icing in a #5 plain round tube, or straight colorant on a paint brush.

5. With black icing in a #10 plain round tube, pipe the headpiece of the mortarboard on the top of the basketball. Chill cake in the cooler.

6. Ice the 10” cake with white icing.

7. Apply Graduation Hats Designer Prints™ decorations around the sides of the cake.

8. In the center of the cake, measure three straws or skewers to the height of the cake. Cut to size and insert. Cut a small round from food grade cardboard, approximately 2-3” in diameter. Set on top of internal support skewers.

9. With gold icing and a #104 rose tube, pipe a border slightly in from the edge on the top of the cake, then another just above the bottom on the base of the cake.

10. With white icing and a #104 tip, pipe a border around the top of the sides of the cake, then another around the base of the cake.

11. With a #10 tip and white icing, pipe a beaded border around the top edge of the cake.

12. Remove basketball cake and carefully rest on top of the 10” cake, where the internal supports have been placed.

13. Attach fondant mortarboard to the top of the basketball with a small dab of icing.

14. With a #4 plain round tube and gold icing, pipe a tassel on the top of the mortarboard.

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Decorating idea courtesy of Lucks