There’s a new easy-to-use blended product that is delighting bread bakers at hospitality and catering businesses. New from Lesaffre Yeast Corporation, Star’Bake Rustic Yeasted Specialty Blend incorporates functional quality baking ingredients into a simple mix of wheat sourdough, malted flour, salt and yeast. Star’Bake is proving to be a baking essential for bakers across the industry for the many benefits it provides its users that yield high-quality results.

Ease of Use
As an all-in-one solution for bakers, Star’Bake requires only the addition of flour, water and any desired add-ins like dried fruit, nuts or grains. Because the product comes in compact single-use packages, it’s both easy to add to a mixer and easy to store.

Time Saving
Weighing out ingredients can be time consuming; Star’Bake combines all active ingredients into conveniently blended pre-weighed sachets, which not only saves time, but helps eliminate product waste.

Star’Bake is an innovative solution for a variety of baking applications including sweet, rustic and savory bread products; from donuts to pizza crust, baguettes or cinnamon rolls.

In a professional baking setting, whether it’s a local bakery, hotel or catering company, there may be any number of bakers that assist in bread baking. Star’Bake comes in pre-weighed sachets to help ensure finished products are always of high quality and truly consistent.

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