Image courtesy of Glaser's Bake Shop
After 116 years in business, New York City bakery Glaser’s Bake Shop will officially close up shop on Sunday, July 1.

This Manhattan institution first began serving sweets to the community in 1902, when it was opened by German immigrants. They brought with them many popular German recipes, including one special treat that endures today.

Glaser’s is attributed as the originator of the famous black and white cookie. This cookie, frosted on one half with vanilla and on the other with chocolate, is one of New York City’s most recognizable food items. It gained fame across the country in 1994, when the hit television show Seinfeld featured it in one of the show's most memorable scenes:

Glaser’s Bake Shop is owned by a third generation, Herb and John Glaser. It maintains many of the original shop elements, such as the tile floor and window display. It has also remained cash-only.

In a Facebook post two months ago, the owners, who will now move towards retirement, thanked Glaser’s customers for their support over the years: