BraveTart: Iconic American Desserts first hit bookshelves in August of 2017 to great anticipation. Written by pastry chef Stella Parks of food website Serious Eats, this unique cookbook provided “foolproof recipes and a fresh take on the history of American desserts.”

Parks looked to bring an award-winning pastry chef’s expertise into kitchens across America, and she did so by meticulously preparing these recipes, spending over five years developing them to properly reflect American classics. Even homemade versions of packaged goods from our childhoods, such as Hostess Cupcakes and Fudge Stripes, are found in the cookbook.

All of Parks’ hard work has paid off, as the James Beard Foundation’s Media Awards recently presented her with the Baking and Desserts Book Award. The ceremony, which took place Friday, April 27 in New York City, announced winners in a variety of categories in books, journalism, radio, television broadcasts, podcasts, webcasts, and documentaries.

Also awarded for Restaurant and Professional Book was Modernist Bread: The Art and Science from Nathan Myhrvold, Francisco Migoya, and culinary incubator Modernist Cuisine. The five-volume library provides a revolutionary new understanding of one of the most important staples of the human diet, bread.

The book spans 2,300 pages, offering comprehensive information on bread. Everything from its history, to its science and physics, to techniques and recipes that will astound bread enthusiasts, is covered. The book contains more than 1,500 traditional and avant-garde recipes for bakers of all skill levels.