Vanness Wu and Calvin Chen at the grand opening of Bake Culture in NYC.
A new kind of bakery has come to the United States, thanks to a trio of Taiwanese celebrities.

Bake Culture, a Taiwanese bakery with previous locations in Taiwan, China, and Brunei, has now opened its first locations in America. Both bakeries can be found in New York City, brought there by musicians/actors Wu Chun, Vanness Wu, and Calvin Chen.

All three are former members of boy bands in Taiwan. Wu Chun and Calvin Chen were in a group called Fahrenheit while Vanness Wu was in a group called JVKV. They gained immense fame in their home country, with their bands being compared to NSYNC. Now, they are using their fame to bring some attention to their new culinary endeavor.

Bake Culture opened its two New York City locations in late February to plenty of buzz. The bakery not only has the star power with its operators, but also exceptional baked goods. Its bread and pastry lineup provides a unique experience for customers. An excerpt from Bake Culture USA’s Facebook page:

“A visit to Bake Culture will feel like a trip to a museum, because this is a place where customers can learn about the origin and background of different types of bread. And the bread? It's just the entrance fee to the world of pastry culture which customers will experience with their taste buds. Whether it’s our decadent Lava Tart, our warm Chocoholic Bread, or any of our delicious baked goodies, they will quickly become your new go-to treats!”

Bake Culture celebrated its grand opening with giveaways, BOGO coupons, limited-edition shirts, and an appearance by Vanness Wu and Calvin Chen.