Bakery chain Au Bon Pain is expanding to Southeast Asia, as it plans to open new bakeries in the Indochina countries of Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Vietnam.

By the end of 2017, the new bakeries should be operational, serving the growing middle classes in the region. Mudman Plc, the authorised Thai franchisee of the Au Bon Pain bakery chain, will facilitate the expansion. The markets in those countries are rapidly increasing and their economies are stronger, providing a perfect opportunity for Au Bon Pain.

Many international brands are coming to countries like Cambodia, Express Food Group general manager Virak Tep says. “I think Au Bon Pain is a good brand and with strong potential for a franchiser who wishes to bring it to Cambodia,” he says. “Cambodian consumer trends show increasing preference for international brands from Thailand, Korea, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia and the U.S. As long as the taste of the food or drink meets their expectations, they will go for those brands.”

Au Bon Pain was first created, and is headquartered, in Boston, Massachusetts. Today, there are over 300 Au Bon Pain café bakeries throughout the world, including India and Thailand.