Every year at the Academy Awards, the nominees in the acting and directing categories receive special gift bags the week before the big film awards show. These bags feature a variety of special products, among them several food items.

This year, the gift bags feature a couple of chocolate products that will satisfy each nominee’s sweet tooth.

One of the featured items is chocolate “jewels” from Chocolatines’ Chocouture line. These high-end chocolate creations are billed as the top ultimate pairing of couture fashion and artisan chocolate. They come in unique flavors such as Lavender Honey Amethyst, Lemongrass Gyokuro Green Tea Emerald, and Ginger Sake Pearl.

Other chocolate companies that will include their products in the gift bags this year are Good Girl Chocolate, with its line of gluten-free, dairy-free, and naturally sweetened chocolate, and Coda Signature, with a gift box of “edibles, topicals, and concentrates” including hand-painted chocolate truffles, a Coffee & Doughnuts Chocolate Bar, and a Cream & Crumble Chocolate Bar.

Also appearing in the gift bags is a box of chocolate-covered pretzels from Posh Pretzels. These hand-crafted, flavored, chocolate covered pretzels are paired with assorted delectable toppings. Pretzels topped with mini M&M’S, rainbow sprinkles, and gold glitter are among the popular offerings.

The 91st annual Academy Awards takes place Sunday, February 24 in Los Angeles, California.