Image courtesy of D?, Cookie Dough Confections
One year ago, D?, Cookie Dough Confections opened in New York City’s Greenwich Village, and since then it has been a leading name in the cookie dough bakery trend.

All day long on January 25, D? is giving away free cups of its Munchie Madness cookie dough with any purchase. The flavor features M&M's, a chocolate-covered potato chip, and marshmallow.

Since its opening, the bakery has sold thousands of pounds of cookie dough a day at its Greenwich Village storefront. Owner Kristen Tomlan hopes to expand throughout New York and increase its online presence, where it currently features nationwide shipping of its products.

Throughout the winter, D? is offering a series of courses aimed at baking and cookie dough-making enthusiasts. Participants learn how to bake D?’s signature cookies and make safe-to-eat cookie dough. There are also couples and kids classes available.